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Creating Legendary Cannabis Brands.

Through BrandBirth, Greg has carved out a niche as the cannabis industry’s preeminent strategist for leading brands looking to create a unique and ownable brand position in an industry filled with white noise and commoditized claims.


Our work in cannabis dates back almost a decade, to when Weedmaps brought us in to help define the essential aspects of their character as they evolved to become the most influential privately-held cannabis brand in the world.


In creating the consumer-facing Kings Garden brand and packaging, BrandBirth helped transform the company from a wholesale operation into one of the most recognizable and valuable cannabis brand in California.


BrandBirth worked with Bear to not simply create their umbrella brand and product segmentation strategies, but to define a viable role for legacy Humboldt professionals and the Humboldt market as a whole in the modern cannabis industry.

BrandBirth partnered with Moxie to define a comprehensive brand platform to support their multi-state launch, managing their logo and design language redesign, as well as the creation and launch of the Let’s Get Better campaign.


BrandBirth created the complete brand strategy and go to market plan for the launch of the largest non-MSO cultivator in New Jersey, including design language, logo, packaging, digital assets and in-store campaign.

Origin House.png

BrandBirth oversaw the rebranding of CannaRoyalty into Origin House, including creating the new brand name and crafting the Origin House brand position, leading to their acquisition by Cresco Labs, in a deal valued at over $900MM.


BrandBirth worked with LeafWorks to define their brand promise as they introduce their industry-defining genetics company, dedicated to partnering with breeders and growers to document and protect their creations.

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