• Greg Hill

Why It's Called BrandBirth (aka, The Living Brand)

My ultimate wish for any BrandBirth partnership is this: that long after I’m gone, when my clients are sitting around arguing about something, and someone in the room, to drive home her point, will wave at the empty chair in the room and say “yeah, but he wouldn’t do that.” And everyone knows he means the brand itself. And everyone will understand. And agree.

Success, for me, is a brand so clearly understood that it exists in everyone’s mind as a fully fleshed-out person, with a distinct voice, perspective and vision. A person who can contribute a thoughtful perspective to any decision-making.

Everyone has all the same basic stuff. And so people look to make an emotional investment in the things in their lives, a way to claim ownership in an increasingly homogenous world: your choices mean something to you. And about you.

People need to be able to rely on you. To know what you stand for. And never waver.

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